The SockCast is BACK!

Yes indeedios, the SockCast is back and better than ever! Well, maybe not better. DEFINITELY different! Hope you love it, if you do then tell a friend! Smooches for youse!

Sock Cop’s Official Statement

Smells Like Christmas Spirit!

Sock Cop sings some Christmas Classics to get you in the mood for the season and whatnot!
It’s a free album gimmick that you and the family can sing around the tree or whatever!
Sock Cop loves you, SMOOCHES!

IMPORTANT! Sockcast Relaunch!!!

Hey there! Nobody has noticed, but the SockCast (my podcast) hasn’t had a new episode in awhile. Actually, it hasn’t even been online for months! Well, that’s about to change.

This month makes TWO YEARS since it started, holy cow! So to celebrate, I’m gonna do a whole relaunch gimmick. Each day, I’m going to upload an episode, in case you missed it the first time around, or listen to it again!

Then when all the old episodes are up, the new SockCast will pick it up from there! New gimmicks! Weirder guests! An audio bonanza that will put a smile on your face, hopefully.


#PremiumContent Alert! Sock Goes To Canada

Holy Cow! Usually I make my #PremiumContent videos less than a minute so I can put them on the twitters and the instagrams. I worked on this one for awhile. I kept adding to it, and it turned out to be too long so it had to go on YouTubes. But that’s ok!

Sock Cop goes on a game show and things get weird!

Features music by “Jingle” Jeve Stones and Bass Guy! *If you pay attention you can see Bass Guy in the video too! He shot the Canada footage for me!*

You can watch it here or go to

I asked my buddy Josh Robert Thompson if he would voice a skeleton in the video and here is what he sent. It wasn’t exactly the lines I gave him, so I put it here as a special BONUS SCENE!