Sock Cop is an entertainer who resides in Mobile, Alabama. A Shorty Award Nominee, Sock has been on TV a few times and did a few shows with Tom Green.

Born in the New York area, Sock Cop now age 133 was teleported to the future by a time traveling cave man. It is a complicated story and the exact details are unknown, similar to the anatomy of a Sock Cop, which baffles even the most advanced scientists.

Sock Cop was an only child contrary to the popular belief that he has a long lost brother or that there was a mishap in the dryer.

His day job is writing tickets to speeders, but by night he uses Periscope to talk to the peoples and answer the people’s questions.

Sock Cop enjoys the Dr Peppers, eatin’ the hearts, sounding his siren, impressions, movie reenactments, karaoke, and many other forms of entertainment. He does not discriminate and loves all peoples and socks, and is trying to make the world a better place.

Sock Cop spent some of his earlier years in Tucson, Arizona, where he famously ate the most amazing tamales ever that he received from a stranger at 2:00 in the morning in the laundry area of his apartment complex. He also has a podcast where he and a guest talk about the things.

Viewers were able to watch one of Sock Cop’s tinder dates, but it did not go well due to the rudeness and crazy eyes of Sock Cop’s date. Not to mention, she was a speeder!

You can read more about Sock Cop on the Wikias, even though it hasn’t been updated in awhile.