FLASHBACK! Sock Cop on the Bass Guy Show

Bass Guy has been a good friend of mine for years. He does an amazing one-man comedy/music show LIVE three days a week. He takes calls on his show, and this is a clip of me calling in to do the “Pizza Workout” with the great Doctor Naire Mumstead.

If you haven’t checked out Bass Guy yet, I highly recommend you do so. One of the nicest most talented guys in the world making cool stuff.

A Sock on Some Podcasts!

Hello friends!

I have had trouble lining up guests for my own podcast (because laziness, mostly) but some other people have had me on THEIR podcasts!

This is Natty Bumpercar’s Bumperpodcast, where his good friend Pig has fun conversations with people. Most of the older episodes are like under 5 minutes, so be sure to check those out too!

This one is a little different because (for whatever reason) these guys wanted to talk to the Useless Assistant (Jason) instead of me (Sock)
I don’t know why you would, but if you want you can listen to the episode of Scoundrels Be Talking by my good friends The Handsome Scoundrels!


I went to NYC recently to learn how to become an #Influencer at the Shorty Awards. One thing I learned is you, THE PEOPLE, want and deserve #PremiumContent!

Usually, when something is PREMIUM, that means it costs money. Not so fast my friends! This content is worth, I dunno…like…at least 36 bucks. But it is my gift to you. I only hope you laugh. Also share it, because I base all my self-worth on likes and retweets.

Smooches for youse!



Sock Cop Coffee is BACK!

Yes indeedios! By popular demand, the most delicious coffee in the world is back and ready for guzzlin’!

Made in Alabama by master coffee roaster Bubba, each bag is smooched by Sock Cop for extra good luck.

This is a limited run, and the last time this coffee was available, it sold out quick, so get it before it’s gone. Who knows when there will be more?!

You can get it whole bean or ground, just pick the one you want!

ORDER TODAY AT BubbasBeans.com


#SockCast028 – Robert L. Hines

The hilarious Robert L Hines, aka Toby Jones from the viral “Jones BBQ and Foot Massage” video, chats with sock about law enforcement, show biz, and Negro Pope.
***Contains Mild Language***